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Red Koi

Koi fish have intrigued and inspired us for centuries.

They have been called “living jewels” and “swimming flowers” for their physical beauty. They are also rich with symbolic significance, especially in Asian cultures.

Red Koi

Red signifies the heart, the passion, the courage.



Koi fish are known for their ability to climb rushing streams and waterfalls until they reach their destination. They are determined fighters that do not give up.

Luck and Abundance

Koi are associated with financial advancement and success. Their elegant forms and radiant colors convey richness and opulence, and bring luck and fortune into your life.



In addition to their beauty, koi are known for being very courageous. They face challenges head on without backing away, and this allows them to overcome obstacles and achieve.



A legend from ancient China tells how a koi fish succeeded in climbing the Yellow River falls near Dragon Gate and then became a dragon. In this way, koi symbolize evolution, growth and transformation.


Uniqueness and


Koi also symbolize a willingness to stand out from the crowd. Their determined nature embodies both creative self-expression and a fighting spirit.


I would love to help you to find your passion,  your courage, and where your heart lies.


I would love to help you to see your uniqueness and express your authentic self, like the beautiful Koi fish.


I would love to help you, to “swim through” the rapid currents of life and uncertainties, swim into new waters and territories, tenaciously and playfully.


I would love to help you to find a bigger pond and become the dragon you desire.


The abundance and the luck you are looking for, are already within you.


Let us find them, together.

" I received coaching regarding a personal issue and it helped me to visualize the whole situation, to discover a different path of action and to feel well internally after the process.


It encouraged me to use the true values like honesty and compassion I have.


Qiao acted as a proactive coach, who was pushing me to the next steps and to transit the whole process by my own reasoning, and I appreciate that. "


Spanish working in Germany,  Telefonica

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