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Qiao Zhang

My Story

Hello, I am Qiao Zhang. If you wonder how to prounce my name, you are not alone. It is actually very easy.

"Qiao" sounds as "Ciao" in Italian, when you say hello, or goodybye. 

I am originally from China and have been in Europe and the US for the past 10 years, with 8 recent years in Germany.


Starting my career in Unilever China as a marketer, I have ventured into different industries and job functions over the past 15 years (Unilever, Bayer, Amazon, GROHE). I work closely with senior executives, launch global programs, build global teams, and strengthen communication and collaboration among countries and functions.

Being a Chinese working in Germany, I deeply understand the challenges to excel in a cross culture context, to hold one‘s own culture’s strengths and roots, while embracing and integrating into another. For me, there has been self doubt, confusion, uncertainties and difficult changes. With an open mind and heart-driven passion, I kept learning about myself, exploring new possibilities and taking actions to experiment.

Now I am creating and expanding the stage of my own to make a bigger impact.

I want to help cross-culture female talent like you, who wants to expand your career possibilities and create a bigger stage of your own. I want to help you discover your strengths, passion and new career possibilities, gain the clarity and courage to take actions, so that one day, you can stand on the stage of your own, and shine with passion and joy. 

My Passion


Apart from coaching, I love theater production and acting.

I found the theater stage a fascinating space where emotions, movement, sound, light, stories and creativity work together to create unique and magical moments. It is sacred, spontaneous and one-time communication between the artists and the audience.

Being an actor triggers my keen observation on human nature, helps me release my innate curiosity, creativity and spontaneity, and enables me to experience different people’s lives in a playful way.


Facts that make me quirky ;-)

I love watching fish,

shrimps and snails.


I have very small feet

with size 34, nevertheless

it does not stop me from exploring the world :)

I cannot help moving my body

when I hear salsa music.


My Coaching credentials

ICF accredited coach


Coaching education from Full Circle Global

(ACTP, Carrer Coaching and executive coaching certificate)

Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course

“Lego Serious Play” Facilitator

Photographer: Ralf Eppink (

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