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RE.Invent Yourself in Germany #4
"The curvy career path"

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Feb.10th, 7pm to 8.30pm CET

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I am here to help cross-culture female talent like you to thrive in uncertainties, adapt to new surroundings, expand career possibilities and create a bigger stage for you to perform on.


Looking for a bigger stage to play on?


I am here to help cross-culture female professionals like you, to find your strengths, expand your career opportunities and add playfulness to life.

Working as partners to achieve more


“At the beginning I found myself lost in a storm of different topics, all running through my mind at the same time. Qiao supported me to find my own rhythm, organize my thoughts and be able to flow through them and find a more clear path to follow. “


Mariana Aurelio (Portugese), Volkswagen Group Services


Meet your Coach


I believe everyone is unique, has the right to be their true selves, use their talents, strengths & passion and live an enriched life.


I believe there are always new possibilities out there, if you dare to dream about it, with perseverant plans & actions, it will become reality.

I believe cross-cultural experiences lead to an enriched life, when understanding, valuing and bridging the strengths of both cultures.

Legend has it that koi scaled a mighty waterfall on the promise of success and happiness at it's crest.

Rising through rushing water with grace and determination, they were transformed into golden dragons when they reached the top.

Talents & Strength


"Be Yourself"

I support you to explore and find your talents & strengths, what makes your heart sing, what makes your eyes shine.

What makes you, as YOU.



"Be Water"

I support you to develop presence in multi-cultures: become / remain mindful of culture differences, while showing up still true to yourself, with your unique talents & strengths.

Cross-Culture Career


"Leap & Expand"

I support you to explore career options creatively based on deepened self-awareness, to set up goals and overcome fears, and to hold you accountable for actions, progress and learnings.

Some of the Tools I use


Apart from attentive listening, powerful questions and compassionate observations I am using throughout all coaching sessions, I am also actively using the following tools:


Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder

Hofstede Culture Dimensions

Wheel of Work / Employability / Authentic vocation

Lego Serious Play

NLP techniques

Theater techniques


OR… other tools YOU find useful! 

It is after all, ALL about YOU!

Qiao is a coach that...

“Qiao is empathetic in her listening, conscientious in her questioning and committed in moving the coachee forward. She allows empathetic listening space and anchors the coachee’s learning into credible insights.


Her dancing in the moment generates unexpected but desired un-expressed hope. She allows this hope/dream to be articulated and followed at the coachee’s pace.”


Lana Murad, executive coach, Dubai

Are you ready to swim upstream?

Let's take the journey together.

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Qiao Zhang

Wechat id: qbean47

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany

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