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I am here to help cross-culture female professionals and leaders, to find and utilize your strengths, enhance awareness for self, others and culture, and to show up as an effective & authentic leader.

What do the Happy Clients Say?

"There wasn't a single coaching session where we didn't laugh, fueled by Qiao's positivity and great sense of humor.” 

Eva Servatius (German), Johnson & Johnson


Now you are a leader, what's next?


I am here to help cross-culture female professionals  and leaders, to find & utilize your strengths, and to bring the best out of yourself and your teams.

Working as partners to achieve more


“At the beginning I found myself lost in a storm of different topics, all running through my mind at the same time. Qiao supported me to find my own rhythm, organize my thoughts and be able to flow through them and find a more clear path to follow. “


Mariana Aurelio (Portugese), Volkswagen Group Services


Meet your Coach


I am a Gallup Certified CliftonStrength Coach, an ICF ACC and certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

I believe the best results come, when individuals and teams could appreciate and utilize their strengths. 

And a leader's job, is to empower that diversity of talents, culture and experiences, and to enable every one to bring the best and authentic self to the workplace.


Legend has it that koi scaled a mighty waterfall on the promise of success and happiness at it's crest.

Rising through rushing water with grace and determination, they were transformed into golden dragons when they reached the top.


Talents & Strength


"Unleash Your


I support you to explore and find your talents & strengths, to mindfully utilize them and to bring the best out of yourself in a sustainable way.


Cross-Culture Presence


"Be Water"

I support you to develop presence in multi-cultures: become / remain mindful of culture differences, while showing up still true to yourself, with your unique talents & strengths.


Female Leadership


"Leap & Expand"

I support you to find your authentic & effective leadership style based on your strengths, to set up goals and overcome fears, and to transform into the leader you want to be.

Some of the Tools I use

Gallup CliftonStrength Assessment

Positive Intelligence by by Shirzad Chamine

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Erin Meyer "The Culture Map"


Improv Theatre techniques

Qiao is a coach that...

“Qiao is empathetic in her listening, conscientious in her questioning and committed in moving the coachee forward. She allows empathetic listening space and anchors the coachee’s learning into credible insights.


Her dancing in the moment generates unexpected but desired un-expressed hope. She allows this hope/dream to be articulated and followed at the coachee’s pace.”


Lana Murad, executive coach, Dubai

Are you ready to swim upstream?

Let's take the journey together.

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