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Re-invent your self: Episode #2 - Find your building blocks

Change can sometimes be very intimidating.

When we move to a new country, a new industry, a new company, or even start a completely new career, we sometimes get unsure about ourselves and the future ahead.

We wonder, now what? Where do we start? Do I have to start from scratch all over again?

Having changed myself 3 times on the country, and 4 times on the company and industry I have worked in, I am very sure we do not need to start from scratch all over again. The past experiences and the self that has been developed therefrom create such a valuable treasure box, that we a lot of times forget to look into, examine and utilize.

So what are YOUR building blocks? What are YOUR valuable treasure from past and from within that you could use for your present challenge? If you are going through a change right now, if you are wondering the same question, come and join us at the next Webinar of the "Re-invent yourself in Germany - find your building blocks". Through an interactive dialogue and discussion, we would like to support you find the building blocks that are most valuable to you and create the future you desire.

Time: Oct.28th, 19.00 - 20.30 CET.

Place: Online Zoom (You will get zoom link after sign up)

Sign up at here:

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