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Re-invent yourself: dialogues among coaches

Being a non-German female professional, I deeply understand the constraints and challenges faced, to make a thriving and meaningful career and life.

Along my way of self-exploration, I have met these wonderful female coaches, who used their talents and strengths from within, to explore new possibilities and courageously re-invented themselves in Germany: from speech therapist to team coach, from phycologist to HR specialist, from artist to marketer.

Therefore, I am joining hands with them, to share with you our stories and learnings, aiming to serve as inspiration, to help you see the current situation in a new light and open up to new possibilities.

Qiao Zhang, Gabriela Nicolae, Diana Toscano, Desislava Staykova-Learn

In collaboration with Here We Are Global:

(Co-creating opportunities to learn, work and volunteer while on the move)

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